Friday, April 08, 2005

Where is all the REAL kitchen design

I am fed up!!!!
After years of trawling through the bull of so called kitchen design I have finally taken it upon myself to set the record straight.
All you kitchen designers out there know its so easy to design a kitchen to look good. But its subjective; what looks good to you may not be what your client wants.
We can all slap afew units against a wall or throw them at odd looking angles or isolate them in the middle of a room and call it DESIGN!!!. Its not and it never will be.
True design is based around the achievement of the objective as dictated by the brief of the client!!! Not by massaging your own ego with new shapes, materials and colours, attempted trend setting or the "kings clothes approach".
When you are starting on the long road of kitchen re-modelling take but one piece of advice with you........ "Find a Designer who is willing to listen and advise, who will let YOU design the space and be used only as a tool to that end"
See the chaps at Intoto in Redbrick Mill. Details at and follow the links to the Batley store.